Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Baby

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Baby

mom kissing her baby

Not all of us choose to become parents, but those people who do decide to have children for many reasons.

Perhaps because they have dreamed of having a beautiful baby since they were a little boy or girl.

Or they simply want to make their boring daily life much more interesting with children’s laughter.

Out of these reasons to become a parent, there are a few which stand out mainly because they have an important role in our being and influence the way we behave and live life.

If you are hesitating to have a kid, and can’t find the courage to make the final decision, perhaps this list can help you.

1. Enrich your family life

smiling family

All of us love our family and feel grateful for having someone in this life to love.

Therefore, deciding to have the first kid is perhaps the most important decisions in your family life because it will change how you and your partner live forever.

With unique personalities and cheerful spirits, children are always so fun to watch, and whenever you see their smile, all of the stress or negative feelings will disappear.

A lot of people often talk about how kids give them a sense of purpose, but what is not mentioned so often is that they are also very funny and enrich our daily life more than we can imagine.

Believe it or not, there are countless situations when your little one touches your heart and make you laugh 5 or 6 times more than when you were childless.

2. Strengthen your family bonding

family playing together

Having a kid is a thing that most couples always plan in advance, fantasize, and anticipate excitedly.

In fact, a baby is a golden opportunity to see the other half of a couple come together and create a new human being.

More importantly, the happy memories occurred from the time when your baby is born to his or her adult will become an indispensable part of the family, which will be remembered for many years to come.

These memorable moments are the things that contribute to a happy life, the objective that every parent wants to give their children.

This does not only help to enhance the bond the father and mother, it also provides the child with a solid foundation that can make him or her become a person who will make a major influence on the lives of other citizens.

The foundation for a strong community is undoubtedly strong families, so having a kid now can be a great way to build a productive and happy society.

3. Change the future

dad throwing ball to son

We all have to agree that parents are the future-shapers.

When you decide to have a baby and invest in it, you do not only change your kid’s future but also the future of everyone in the society.

In a broad sense, you will make this world a better place now to live, and for the future generations.

The world we are living in talks too much about the hopelessness and tragedies in life since you can easily see and hear a lot of despair and darkness on mass media.

Everything from natural disasters, poverty to crime and fraud, it is very depressing for any audience and leaves the feeling as if there is nothing to believe and hope.

By becoming a parent, you choose to live a life with discipline, encourage, and love to bring your kid through these troubles in life.

In other words, you are changing the future generation.

The journey seems to be long and challenging, by parenting is a great story which will last in eternity.

4. Unconditional love

elderly couple

Love is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after feelings of the human being.

While a romantic relationship often comes and goes or even leaves pain and hurts you for years, the unconditional love for your children are unbreakable.

You kids will certainly live with their parents for at least the next 20 years, which is a lot of time for them to learn how to love their parents back.

This two-way love, which is the result of the bonding of love, can be very amazing and hard to say in words.

Daddy and mommy love their kids unconditionally, and babies can even love their parents more.

So if you think having a baby can be intimidating or daunting to new parents, it is better to imagine the moments when your kid kisses on your cheek and give you a smile.

Is that the best thing about being a parent?

5. Keep you always active

Who needs to purchase a gym membership when you would do daily exercises by chasing after your running toddler or crawling baby?

If you have an active lifestyle, then having a kid can be a great choice.

Since the moment when children are able to control their necks and legs, they will keep their parents always active.

This should be always welcomed because being physically active can be a positive sign of a healthy development and needs to be encouraged.

Many doctors even recommend that women should continue to stay active during their pregnancy because it can help in preventing pains and aches as well as make delivery easier.

Many studies have also proved that there is a link between being emotional health and physically active.

Therefore, being active when growing a baby can keep parents live a happy and positive life thanks to a great atmosphere created by an adorable and cute little boy or girl.

Final thoughts

Let’s just call having a baby is one of the most awesome moments of family life!

Yes it is indeed challenging, and there are actually many more dark times than good times.

But overall, it is really amazing to create, grow, and love a little human being who is filled with the greatest things in the world.

Never take your life as parents for granted.

Before you realize it, you will be driving that baby boy or girl at the college or crying at her or his wedding.
Since the time budget with our children is extremely limited, there is no reason not to have children!