The Top 5 Things You Can Do During Infancy To Boost Your Child

The Top 5 Things You Can Do During Infancy To BOOST Your Child

mother and her baby

The most exciting part for every parent is watching their child grow.

From the first day of their birth, it just seems like each day’s milestone of your child’s life is a miracle.

All children are different, and so is their manner of growth.

What matters most is that you provide a suitable and stable environment for them.

When the correct steps are undertaken to achieve the healthy milestone a child tends to grow at a fascinating speed. For instance, at birth, a child’s brain as at a minimal 25%.

As they achieve the 3-year milestone, their brain development is 90% of that of an adult.

Here is a list of intervention and strategies you can discharge in helping your infant to grow up in the healthiest of ways possible.

1. Good and Healthy Food

baby sitting by vegetables

You could be seriously wondering what it means by good and healthy food.

Healthy food should include a balanced diet that has all the carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins to promote the overall wellbeing.

Good food means it should not be bland.

Make the child’s food tasty and enjoyable for the taste buds.

Your child was not created with a sense of taste for nothing.

For your infant, it is greatly encouraged that you provide exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of their life.

Breast milk contains all the nutrients required for their growth.

As they continue to grow, their energy and overall growth demands are on the rise.

It is advised that after those six months, you continue to breastfeed and feed your infant with complementary foods which are balanced in a diet.

A proper-balanced diet for a child should consist of iron-rich foods, energy giving foods and proteins.

Fruits and vegetables should be included in their daily diet.

2. Stimulate Interaction with Others

two children playing

The first interaction your child has as a new-born is you.

The child learns to interact by hearing your voice, feeling your touch and seeing your face.

As they continue to grow, your child is exposed to different people and environment.

The day to day experiences of your child shapes their brain development.

The more interaction a child has, the healthier they will develop and grow.

From your daily routines, and the people the child comes in to contact with determines a lot in the way he/she grows.

Expose your child to positive and safe interaction with others, to help them learn and grow.
Long, loving and consistent relationships without exposure to negative stressful situations, help built your child’s brain.

It does not matter at what age your infant is; they could be a few days old or years old, but when exposed to any form of toxic or negative environment, they do get frightened and stressed.

Toxic stress is when an infant is exposed to persistent issues like anger, marital conflict, poverty, and neglect.

Make it a priority to remove your infant from the type of interaction that causes toxic stress.

3. Extend Physical Affection

dad and his baby

Just like all human beings and other livings things, infants thrive fast when offered physical affection.

Relationships need and flourish through physical interaction and affection.

Importance of physical touch can never be underrated.

And so it is for your young child.

The Instinct to cuddle and hold on to each other is inherent from the first day of birth.

High levels of physical nurturing promote a child’s physical as well as mental well-being right into their adulthood.

This is what you should do;

Exercise gentleness and immediate responsiveness to your child’s cues.

If they are crying and need to be comforted, rock them gently.

Whenever they are crying, it is possible through the sounds produced, to determine if they are stressed, hungry or even frightened.

Based on what you find, respond as per the need of the child. The response should be immediate.

During feeding times hold your child gently and ensure that they well are positioned and comfortable.

Hold and maintain eye contact during conversations and feeding sessions. By doing this you are communicating an instant message to your child that you are together, you understand them and that they are safe with you.

This should be done during play time as well.

4. Create A Stable Relationship.

Stability and predictability are important in promoting healthy growth for your child.

From the first day of their life, ensure that the environment they live in and the people they interact with are reliable.

As a parent this is what you should do; be consistently present and loving towards your child.

Provide the required guidance, and discipline in a loving way.

Let your child explore and learn, with you showing the proper way all through.

Being predictable and nurturing helps your child grow without unnecessary changes that could scatter, stress them and stunt their growth.

Engage them in conversation, making an effort to come down to the child’s level, and when they are playing, involve yourself in their play.

5. Keep a Safe and Healthy Home

woman cleaning house

Healthy and safety measures in your home should be of ultimate priority.

For instance, step up and not only assess but mark all child danger zones and take the necessary steps to keep your child away from them.

Feed the child on health and nutritious food and let them have all the required childhood immunizations.
Make regular visits to the pediatrician for general medical check-ups.

Ailments that you did not suspect your child has may be diagnosed and dealt with as soon as possible.

When using the car, make sure that the child uses their car seat, always.

Child growth is a parental responsibility.

Your desire to have a healthy child requires you to ramp up your game, be proactive, and take the necessary actions.

Play your perfect role as a responsible and loving parent.

Sometimes situations or life itself may not allow for smooth running, but once you do all you can and with a positive attitude, the results are amazing.