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Women And Penis Size: 5 Things They Really Think

A lot of speculations has always been there about women and penis size. Does penis size really matter to all women? Some say the bigger, the better while others say it doesn’t matter how big it’s but what you do with it really matters. The motion of the ocean determines the speed of the boat but not the size of it. Women sometimes do say things but do they always mean it? Truth hurts!

According to Paisley, The reality of penis size is that to most individuals (both men and women) it matters.

A man with a large penis may not be fun due to lack of technique but can be taught. What about a small penis? Is there something remarkable that will make a woman beg for more?

But What do Women Really Care About When it Comes to the Penis?

For almost all women it’s about pleasure. Women derive pleasure from a larger penis hence more significant when it comes to sex. Even if a man knows how to use his penis, almost all women assume that a larger penis is great for orgasms, which is true. Scientists say that the average penis size is between 5-7 inches and most ladies appreciate a larger than average size. Although some men can work miracles with any penis size if they have skills to use it, a limit is always there to what different women enjoy.

Large penis gives men confidence to satisfy any woman, and therefore if a man doesn’t know how to use it, he can easily be taught how to use it to please them. A guy who is self-conscience about his size of the penis can be more frustrating, especially when commented by a woman during sex as it lowers the performance and mood. On the other hand, if a man has confidence in his penis size, then he is more likely to please any woman as long as he has the skills and tact needed to make it more interesting.

But here’s the catch:

Women don’t find a smaller penis (and slender in girth) more pleasurable. Some say that they just don’t feel the penetration that is felt with a wider and longer penis. Many studies prove that many women love larger than the average size of the penis.

Aside from length, it’s crucial to have a girth that is wider than average. Most women agree that a penis that can be felt from the first second of penetration is perfect. They don’t want a penis that hits cervix by any means, but they really want to know is there on feeling it inside, which isn’t much to ask. Most women will clarify the importance of girth according to how they feel it when inside their vagina. A thinner penis will often hit the vagina back, but there is less or no friction on the sides which facilitates sexual intercourse.

In a nutshell, women aren’t too keen on having a man or being in a relationship with a man’s penis that isn’t going to satisfy them. Just like how penis size differs, vagina size also varies hence finding the perfect one for you really matters. Your lover will not necessarily give up on you because of your penis size, but it can hinder her enjoyment factor. For most women, it’s quite simple; bigger will give more pleasure hence better.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Sperm Count

Top 5 Ways to Increase Sperm Count

The percentage of infertility is increasing day by day.

There are a lot of reasons behind infertility. But if we try to compile them then the problem may be with the male partner or female partner.

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive over a period of one year with regular intercourse without any contraceptive measure.

Sufficient sperm count in necessary for conception to occur.

WebMD has reported on this necessity as well.

But for fertilization, only one sperm and one ovum are required.

Then why to bother about sperm count. It is because it increases the chances of sperm to strike with the ova and fertilize it.

If during ejaculation the number of sperm is increased in the semen then the chances of fertilization are increased.

Normally man ejaculates 40-300 million per ml sperms in semen.

A low sperm count is defined as if the number of sperm per ml of semen is 10-20 million or less.

If the sperms are healthy and motile enough then a count of 20 million per ml is sufficient enough to cause fertilization and pregnancy to occur.

If you are looking for the top and easy way to increase sperm count then hang on with us.

We are going to share the best way to increase sperm count.

1. Get Rid Of Obesity

woman on a scale

his is the most crucial but a tough one task to do.

According to some studies, losing weight increase the semen volume, sperm health, concentration and sperm mobility are increased.

The benefit is more elaborated in those who have high Body Mass Index ( Quetelet Index).

Sperm count is increased significantly in those who have high Body Mass Index, and they reduce even some weight. To reduce your weight, you need to visit a dietician and doctor for recommended exercises.

Losing weight also helps to cope up with other health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, other microvascular and macrovascular diseases.

2. Exercise

woman doing aerobics

If your Body Mass Index falls in the normal range then there is no need to reduce weight. But following a healthy lifestyle and staying active can help to increase the sperm count.

According to reproductive medicine, the regular exercise ( Five times in a week for at least 45 minutes) can enhance the fertility by relieving anxiety and stress and keeping the body weight in normal limits.

But excessive amount of exercise can also be a cause of infertility sometimes. Excessive exercise like tough training and marathon running can cause decreased sperm count in men.

If you are confused about the exercise requirement, then get a personal trainer. He or she will help you to get your body weight in the perfect range.

3. Proper Nutrition

The food you eat affects directly the sperm health.

Whatever you eat today will be reflected by the semen analysis after three months. It takes 42 to 76 days for a sperm to produce and ejaculate via the penis.

Here are some nutrients which are essential for sperm health.

These should be added and supplemented in the diet.


zinc mineral

It is the most important trace element for fertility. Increase in the level of zinc in the diet has shown its benefit in the form of increased sperm concentration, health, motility, and quality.

Food sources are beef, calf liver, turkey, peas, sesame seeds etc. The zinc can be destroyed while cooking. So it becomes important to eat some zinc-rich foods in raw form.

Vitamin C

vitamin c

It improves sperm quality and prevents DNA damage from reactive oxygen species constantly being produced in the body.

It reduces the chances of chromosomal aberrations and miscarriage.

Vitamin C prevents the clumping of sperm. It makes them more motile.

A study done in infertile men claims that consuming 1000 mg of vitamin c, twice daily, increases the sperm count by greater than 100%, and sperm motility by approximately 90%.

Vitamin C also reduces the proportion of damaged sperms by 50%.

Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

The chemical name is cobalamin. It is involved in cellular replication and D    NA replication.

Its deficiency can lead to decreased sperm motility and count.

Vitamin B12 supplementation is advised in those who have the sperm count of less than 20 million and the motility rate is decreased beyond 50%.

Supplementation requirements are 1000mcg per day to increase the sperm count.

D- Aspartic Acid

It should not be confused with L- Aspartate, which is used for protein manufacturing.

D- Aspartate is present in testicles, sperm cells, and semen.

The level of D-Aspartate is remarkably decreased in infertile men as compared to fertile men. It increases the level of testosterone, a male sex hormone that plays a significant role in fertility.

In a study in infertile men, it was found that consuming 2.67 grams of D-aspartic acid for consecutive three months increases androgen level by 50% and sperm motility by 80%.


It is the essential cell nutrient for the sperm cell to function normally. The energy source for sperm is L- carnitine. The study claims that the concentration of L-carnitine in the semen is directly proportional to the sperm motility and count as well. Consumption of L-carnitine regularly for 4 months in men with low sperm count and motility increases the count and motility.

4. Avoid chemical exposure

The sperm count of today,s men are half of the man that lived 50 years ago.

It is due to increased exposure to harmful chemicals like DDT, industrial pollutants, plastics and other chemicals. These are known as xenoestrogens.

They mimic estrogen effect on the male body. Estrogen is the antagonist of male hormone i.e. androgens.

You can prevent the exposure by:

  • Avoid use of plastics, especially in food storage.
  • Avoid drinking the chlorinated water. For water purification instead of chlorine, use hydrogen peroxide.
  • Consume the organic food, in order to prevent the pesticides to enter your body.
  • Use organic products wherever possible. Avoid using synthetic products.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking.
  • Avoid fried, smoked and barbequed foods.
  • Consume proper amount of antioxidants. They reduce the concentration of oxygen free radicals.

5. Underwear

Choosing the right type of underwear is very necessary. Because scrotum maintains its temperature 2-3 degree less than the body temperature. Using a tight underwear compresses the scrotum and testis against the body. Which affect the temperature regulation and blood supply to testis is also affected.
So it is recommended to wear loose underwear made of cotton.


Infertility affects a lot of couples around the globe. But it can be corrected with intervention at right time. If you are suffering from infertility then these are the steps which you can follow to increase sperm count.

  • Get your sperm analyzed for motility, morphology, and count.
  • Reduce the exposure to the harmful chemical as much as possible.
  • Do regular exercise and bring your weight in the ideal range.
  • Eat a proper diet and take required supplements.
  • Never ever forget to consult your doctor.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels In Men

Top 5 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels In Men

Testosterone is one of the cornerstones in men’s health.

It’s a truly important hormone that men can’t do without.

Our bodies naturally produce the hormone in all stages of our lives.

Testosterone production reaches its peak during adolescence, up until the early 20s.

Then, it starts slowly declining.

The body produces less and less testosterone until you start seeing and feeling the effects.

You may get tired more easily, or find that your sex drive wasn’t as strong as it was a few years back.

Muscle building takes a hit, and you may even start seeing a receding hairline.

In short, testosterone is such a vital component on men’s health in all aspects.

But how do you get more testosterone naturally?

Is there a way to increase testosterone levels in men?

The short answer is yes, you can get back your manpower.

Here are the top 5 ways to increase your testosterone levels.

1. Reduce Daily Stress

a stressed man

Do you have too much to do and too little time to do it?

Do you feel so stressed out that all you want to do is go straight home, eat junk food and sleep the night away?

Moderate stress can be good for you from time to time.

But when it’s too much, then your health invariably suffers, including your testosterone levels.

Being in a fight-or-flight mode activates the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Cortisol has been shown to impact the production of testosterone directly.

cortisol chemical model

It’s a see-saw effect, to say the least.

This means more cortisol equals less testosterone, and vice versa.

Stressed out individuals are more likely to gain weight by stress eating.

The excess of calories will turn to fat and find it’s way around the stomach and the abdominal area.

This accumulation of unhealthy fat is one of the main reasons why men get less and less testosterone as time goes by.

One of the things you must do to normalize testosterone levels is to minimize the stress factors in your life.

Slow down and learn to pace yourself.

Try to achieve optimal work-life balance.

LiveStrong gives some good tips on how to achieve this.

Meditate, relax or partake in your favorite hobby.

Make time to de-stress to reduce cortisol levels and increase testosterone levels.

2. Get Enough Sleep

man getting good sleep

Sleep is so underrated that most men don’t think it helps their overall health and well-being.

But getting enough quality sleep is a must if you want to get your T-levels up.

It’s not enough that you get 5 or 6 hours of shut-eye each day.

The emphasis is in getting adequate, restful sleep.

The amount of sleep will vary from one individual to another.

Some can get by with 6 hours, while others need at least 8 hours to function normally throughout the day.

A study has found that those who slept only 5 hours a day had a reduction in their testosterone by as much as 15 percent.

Moreover, men who only slept for about 4 hours had testosterone levels that bordered on deficiency.

On the bright side, another study has revealed that testosterone levels increase by as much as 15 percent for each hour spent snoozing.

So it’s in your best interest to get around 7 to 10 hours’ worth of sleep every day.

To get better quality sleep, stop caffeine intake 5 hours before turning in, keep your bedroom free of electronic devices and reduce lighting as much as possible.

3. Eat More Carbs, Protein and Fat

man eating healthy

Believe it or not, there are foods that help with testosterone production.

Don’t go into a crash diet, or overeat because that will only serve to disrupt production of the T hormone.

What you need is a good balanced diet consisting of essential fats, protein and carbs.

There’s a reason why these 3 food groups do well in increasing your manpower.

Fats are quite beneficial for individuals who are looking to get a boost in essential testosterone.

Protein aids in fat loss and is good for the body.

Carbs can facilitate the production of testosterone, especially if you combine it with resistance training.

Take the time and lay out a diet plan consisting of foods that have at least one of these 3 nutrients.

Empty your fridge of junk food, processed foods and GMO products.

Start eating healthy and choose whole foods instead of processed ones.

4. Go For Resistance Training

man doing an exercise

Did you know that exercise speeds up your metabolic rate, and as a result increases the body’s testosterone production?

It’s true.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health and for your manpower.

Going to the gym and building up muscles will eliminate stubborn fat, paving the way for more testosterone.

In fact, the activity itself helps the body produce more testosterone whether you’re pushing barbells or swinging kettlebells.

Resistance training, or lifting weights is one of the most proven ways of jump-starting your body’s natural processes, including testosterone production.

Start by going slow to warm up, then go for heavier weights as you get more comfortable.

The heavier the weight you use, the more testosterone the body produces.

But don’t overdo yourself.

Only lift the weight you can manage and you’ll be fine.

A visit to the local gym two or three times a week should suffice.

5. Reduce Bad Habits

Smoking and excessive drinking has a direct effect on how much your testosterone produces on a daily basis.

The nicotine content and all those harmful carcinogens can wreak havoc with your system, including your organ’s ability to churn out those much-needed hormones.

Studies show that drinking alcohol daily can reduce testosterone levels by as much as 7 percent overall.

Drug use should be taken out of the picture if you ever want to give your body a shot at producing T.

If drinking cannot be avoided, then minimize it as much as you can.

Drinking a glass of wine or a bottle of beer should be fine as long as you don’t do it everyday.

Start taking the necessary steps to eliminate smoking altogether.

One of the best ways to take your mind off smoking is to replace it with a healthier habit, such as exercise, meditation, or by taking up a hobby.

These are the best ways on how you can increase your testosterone hormone.

A change for the better in terms of exercise, diet and lifestyle will do your body much good.

Start practicing these examples to get a boost in testosterone today!

How to Increase Confidence in Bed for Men

How to Increase Confidence in Bed for Men

man with wife in bed

Today, men have to deal with sexual content at all time.

Pictures of athletic, half-naked, and handsome naked men are shown in many street billboards and mainstream magazines.

Due to this easy access, every woman could be pleased by their partner in nearly all sexual positions, but it can put more insecurity in the head of a man when he enters the bedroom with his beautiful lover.

Probably there is nothing that kills a man quicker than the anxious feeling of not confident to have a good performance with his partner.

Here’s what many experts recommend to overcome your anxiety and gain more confidence in bed.

1. Be realistic about what your partner wants

A common problem that is likely to kill your confidence in bed is to focus too much on what the mass media is telling you that sex must last long or women value larger penis sizes.

One manufacturer of commercial penis extenders, PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence, has found, as a matter of fact, you cannot do anything about your penis size other than accepting.

Therefore, it is better to restructure your thoughts around relaxation and performance to enjoy the moment by staying mindful rather than racing to the end.

Not longevity, quality is the most important thing that decides sexual intimacy.

In addition, having a clear idea of the specific needs of your woman can also help with your cause.

Men can boost the overall confidence in bed by knowing the body of their partner, asking what she wants and listening to her requirements instead of making your own assumptions.

couple in bed

2. Educate yourself

a seductive teacher

One of the most effective ways that you can do to feel more confident in bed and any other areas in life to improve your knowledge.

Unluckily, sex education often just covers some basic topics in terms of biology instead of teaching guys how to please their lover.

In most cases, the knowledge will come through hands-on experience and direct communication with their partners.

As a result, men with little experience in bed might feel clueless and insecure, resulting in a lack of confidence and lack of pleasure for their partner during sex.

The best advice to those men with little sexual experience is to find out and read a lot of free resources such as videos and articles on the internet about tricks, tips, and methods to perform better in bed.

3. Slow down

When we get anxious, the natural reaction is often to speed up whatever we are doing, even it is a speech, a phone call, or sex with your partner.

So the next time when you feel nervous when having sex with your partner, make sure to slow down and don’t try to race to the finish because rushing will make you more nervous and cause your lover to feel less pleasurable.

In general, women often take much longer than men to prepare for the penetration.

Thus, take your time, focus on her reaction, and wait till she is really bothered and hot that she cannot wait anymore.

Be curious about what is exciting to your partner at this moment.

What kinds of kissing and touch make her aroused?

Is her body arching when you kiss or touch her neck?

Is her pulse racing when you touch in her back slowly?

If you pay attention to her pleasure, you will be so busy creating your own excitement that you will not have time to feel nervous.

4. Never consider sex as a performance

a gold medal

We must agree that sex is the effort of 2 people.

Otherwise, perhaps you are just masturbating with the help of your partner.

The most important thing to stop being under pressure in bed is to stop considering sex as a performance and you are the star on the stage.

Sometimes, men can feel nervous about sexual interactions as they view this activity as something on which they will be judged by their partners.

They might think that they need to act or look like a real porn star, and nothing would be farther from the truth.

In fact, most porn is produced to appeal to guys, meaning that what you see are not at all what is appealing to many women.

In other words, porn is just a fancy template for a man who wants to become a good lover.

By thinking this way, you will detach yourself from what is really happening, and become overthinking about how other people think instead of your partner.
To avoid overthinking, it is advisable to relax your body, eliminate all of these thoughts and immerse into the feeling of being with your lover.

5. Make more effort in your appearance

If you have been not eating properly, putting off doing exercises at the gym, and your closet consists of mostly worn-out jeans or ironic T-shirts, chances are you are not going to have enough confidence to strip down and give it to your girl.

man shaving

In fact, the quickest way to enhance your confidence is to build it right from your look.

For example, if you are overweight, make sure to work on your diet or fitness and try to lose weight.

There is no feeling better than seeing yourself look so good when you have lost the weight and gradually become fit and healthy.

By being confident in your body, it is going to make you less self-conscious when having sex in bed.
In addition to doing exercises, give some love to the rest of your body.

Perhaps you should buy yourself some perfect grooming options on the market to make you feel good and see the reactions of your lovers, which will significantly improve your own confidence in bed.

From the bottom to the top, make sure to put your hair, nails, teeth, and skin in great shape!

Investing in your appearance is a project that might definitely boost your confidence, both in and out of the bed.

So if your lover is naked with you in bed, what is the proof of your manhood and attractiveness do you need? Just be confident and have fun!