How to Increase Size for Men with a Penis Extender

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Today, men have to deal with sexual content at all times.

Pictures of athletic, half-naked, and handsome naked men are shown in many street billboards and mainstream magazines.

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Due to this easy access, every woman could be pleased by their partner in nearly all sexual positions, but it can put more insecurity in the head of a man when he enters the bedroom with his beautiful lover.

Probably there is nothing that kills a man quicker than the anxious feeling of not confident to have a good performance with his partner.

Here’s what many experts recommend to overcome your anxiety and gain more confidence in bed.

1. Be realistic about what penis extender your partner wants

A common problem that is likely to kill your confidence in bed is to focus too much on what the mass media is telling you that sex must last long or women value larger penis sizes.

As a matter of fact, you cannot do anything about your penis size other than accepting.

Therefore, it is better to restructure your thoughts around relaxation and performance to enjoy the moment by staying mindful rather than racing to the end.

Not longevity, quality is the most important thing that decides sexual intimacy.

In addition, having a clear idea of the specific needs of your woman can also help with your cause.

Men can boost the overall confidence in bed by knowing the body of their partner, asking what she wants and listening to her requirements instead of making your own assumptions.

Penis pumps, penis extenders, and penis exercises.

With all that being said, there are methods to increase confidence by doing penis enlargement.

A lot of these techniques take a long time, however.


The most popular method is using a penis extender.


One thing you might want to do is use a penis pump – it’s good for both the temporary and long-term size gains.

Your wife will definitely notice, and you guys will definitely have a more fulfilling sex session.

Before you buy one, you might want to learn more about penis pumps.

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2. Educate yourself

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One of the most effective ways that you can do to feel more confident in bed and any other areas in life to improve your knowledge.

Unluckily, sex education often just covers some basic topics in terms of biology instead of teaching guys how to please their lover.

In most cases, the knowledge will come through hands-on experience and direct communication with their partners.

As a result, men with little experience in bed might feel clueless and insecure, resulting in a lack of confidence and lack of pleasure for their partner during sex.

The best advice to those men with little sexual experience is to find out and read a lot of free resources such as videos and articles on the internet about tricks, tips, and methods to perform better in bed.

3. Slow down

When we get anxious, the natural reaction is often to speed up whatever we are doing, even it is a speech, a phone call, or sex with your partner.

So the next time when you feel nervous when having sex with your partner, make sure to slow down and don’t try to race to the finish because rushing will make you more nervous and cause your lover to feel less pleasurable.

In general, women often take much longer than men to prepare for the penetration.

Thus, take your time, focus on her reaction, and wait till she is really bothered and hot that she cannot wait anymore.

Be curious about what is exciting to your partner at this moment.

What kinds of kissing and touch make her aroused?

Is her body arching when you kiss or touch her neck?

Is her pulse racing when you touch in her back slowly?

If you pay attention to her pleasure, you will be so busy creating your own excitement that you will not have time to feel nervous.

4. Never consider sex as a performance

a gold medal

We must agree that sex is the effort of 2 people.

Otherwise, perhaps you are just masturbating with the help of your partner.

The most important thing to stop being under pressure in bed is to stop considering sex as a performance and you are the star on the stage.

Sometimes, men can feel nervous about sexual interactions as they view this activity as something on which they will be judged by their partners.

They might think that they need to act or look like a real porn star, and nothing would be farther from the truth.

In fact, most porn is produced to appeal to guys, meaning that what you see are not at all what is appealing to many women.

In other words, porn is just a fancy template for a man who wants to become a good lover.

By thinking this way, you will detach yourself from what is really happening, and become overthinking about how other people think instead of your partner.
To avoid overthinking, it is advisable to relax your body, eliminate all of these thoughts and immerse into the feeling of being with your lover.

5. Make more effort in your appearance

If you have been not eating properly, putting off doing exercises at the gym, and your closet consists of mostly worn-out jeans or ironic T-shirts, chances are you are not going to have enough confidence to strip down and give it to your girl.

man shaving

In fact, the quickest way to enhance your confidence is to build it right from your look.

For example, if you are overweight, make sure to work on your diet or fitness and try to lose weight.

There is no feeling better than seeing yourself look so good when you have lost the weight and gradually become fit and healthy.

By being confident in your body, it is going to make you less self-conscious when having sex in bed.
In addition to doing exercises, give some love to the rest of your body.

Perhaps you should buy yourself some perfect grooming options on the market to make you feel good and see the reactions of your lovers, which will significantly improve your own confidence in bed.

From the bottom to the top, make sure to put your hair, nails, teeth, and skin in great shape!

Investing in your appearance is a project that might definitely boost your confidence, both in and out of the bed.

So if your lover is naked with you in bed, what is the proof of your manhood and attractiveness do you need? Just be confident and have fun!